Cyrano the Hothead

A short game made with a friend in one week for the Public Domain Jam. You take on the role of Cyrano de Bergerac just after he joins the military, and before he has gained the great amount of respect and panache that he is shown to have in the play.

Combat in the game is handled much like a card game, with different cards representing different types of actions that can be combined to form an attack. Some of these actions are physical, which will damage your opponent's health, and some are verbal which will lower their morale. Some card combinations will also allow you to execute a special move, which may differ from the specific cards you played to produce it. Physical damage is augmented based on the morale of you and your opponent, so maintaining your morale and combining verbal and physical attacks is the key to success.

The theme for this jam was "Paper", so we decided to make the characters as paper cutouts. To further drive this home in the game, characters (and many scene objects) are rendered on flat planes, and have normal maps applied which were made from high-res scans of rough paper.

Play online here, or take it with you for:

The game source and all related assets are also freely available: