City Raptor Game

Still a work in progress!
A very rough prototype to test the idea of making a game based on a short film by the same name. The idea was to build a dark horror experience with stealth and tower defense elements.

Still in the very early stages, but the lighting isn't looking too bad, so far, and both allies and enemies follow a reasonably robust prioritized task-based planning scheme which allows them to adapt on the fly to changes in the environment or their situation. The map is generated procedurally.

Cyrano the Hothead

A short game made with a friend in one week for the Public Domain Jam. You take on the role of Cyrano de Bergerac just after he joins the military, and before he has gained the great amount of respect and panache that he is shown to have in the play.

Ferret Hunt

Another game jam collaboration.

You are an owl. With an airship. Powered by ferret slave labor. Low on fuel, you must raid a small island for fresh workers before your ship loses all power and falls from the sky. Ferrets are quick and paranoid, though, so you must use stealth and traps to capture...


You only live as long as the last person who remembers you...

A short game made over a few days for a game jam. It features a persistent world, procedural dungeon generation, and multiple playable characters with their own weapons. The game focuses on the experience of ceasing to exist after d...


A Tetris-like game in which some pieces release water into the play area when they are cleared. As the water level rises, wooden blocks will float, separating them from metal and water blocks. This creates a two-tiered play area in which one must plan rows both at the surface and at the bottom of the water. The water level itself is managed by the player by submerging fireballs, which causes the water to evaporate.

2D Sprite Engine

2D layered sprite engine for a never-finished action RPG. The engine was written in Python with the help of PyGame, and the map editor/animation viewer was written in C#.