You only live as long as the last person who remembers you...

A short game made over a few days for a game jam. It features a persistent world, procedural dungeon generation, and multiple playable characters with their own weapons. The game focuses on the experience of ceasing to exist after death. To convey this, the game appears to crash any time the player dies. On future playthroughs, however, NPCs in the world will remember the player's old character and their deeds, from the minor (chatting with sheep, hanging out in the village) to the major (completely clearing the dungeon...or the village). Less significant deeds are more easily forgotten by the villagers, while more significant deeds will be remembered by all. The hope was that on the second play attempt the game's theme would become apparent to players, and motivate them to achieve something worth remembering.

More details and playable builds are available on the Itch.io page.